Crypto Wendyo

Host of The O Show, largest Female-Run Crytpo show


IRL avatar of a former chef, turned crypto podcaster

Darcy Donavan

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of E-Coin Finance

Ian Feiner

Co-Founder and CEO at Freckle Interactive  

Sam Simmons

NFT Consultant | Venture Capital | Buyer & Seller of JPEGs

Yu-Kai Chou

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, business consultant, and experience designer

Javier Rue

Web3 Marketing Consultant and Social Media/Community Manager at LGND Group

Duncan Rogoff

Founder of ETH.r Brews Project -3D designer and motion graphics artist


David Herrera

CEO - The Green Guys
MoonRocks NFT Project Manager

Lucas Bean

NFT, Web3 & Tech Advisor

Sean Kelly

Founder Dinos Chibi
VP Web3 Marketing & Strategy
Infinite World

Mikee Trompeta

Collaboration is Currency

Izabela Hamilton

CEO & Founder of NFTomic
Strategic e-com consultant in Web3

David Chen

NY Weekly #1 Podcast for 2020 Pandanomics

Jim Hernandez

Founder: Pigeons of New York

Duquan Brown


Chase Coleman

CEO and co-founder of Hello Enhance

Brando Murphy

Investor / Creator / Coach / Consultant

Carlton Hershey

OG Ape Club Founder  

Ali Haseeb

Founder of Goat Society NFT
Author | Branding Expert

Oscar G. Sanchez

AKA "BabyO" - Business Management & Troubled Youth Mentor

Matthew Snider

Founding principal at Block3 Strategy Group

Jerad Finck

CEO & Founder Cosmic Wire, NFT3 Nominee for Web3 pioneer of the year

Bobby Cloud & John FU

Film3 - Penwheel Universe Founders

Chris "The Glove" Taylor

Music & NFT's in Web3

Alyssa Moreno

Chief Marketing officer for JustNFTs


NFT Project Advisor

Ryan Murray

Network Engineer / Web3 connoisseur

Tarin Portillo

TraderVerse - Social Media / Community Relations


Community Builder/NFT Advisor
Blockchain Educator

Jeff Paquet and Lucas Thompson

Filmakers / Directors - Homeboiflicks

Christina Hawatmeh

Photography Storytelling Platform & NFT Marketplace

Brooke Lacey

Tech Consultant / NFT Project Advisor

CryptoKeeper aka "KEEPER"

Crypto Education. Recovery. Beards.

  NFT Las Vegas™  

Founder of UNLV NFT

Cory Henry

Founder of STEAM Revolution


Cofounder of Moonwalkers

Aaron Bolden

Business Dev for Future Media / Future in Meta

    Keri Kilty  

  Web3 Strategist &Product Developer

Chris Darafeev    

  Video Content Creator & Web3 Entrepreneur  

Doug Hype

HypedTV.eth Producer, connector and content creator


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